Thursday, March 19, 2009

Metacognition and making decisions

Ever since I heard about metacognition while getting my bachelors in psychology I was awed by the idea of 'thinking about thinking,' and how it is our ability to do this that really sets us apart from other animals. But man can it be a trap! On this note I present a pretty good interview with Jonah Lehrer on his book How We Decide. In it he discusses how rationality isn't always the best way to go...especially when it comes to (get this!) the most complex decisions. Anyway, something to switch the script on you....enjoy. Via Seed Magaizine

A R T I C L E!

Here's Lehrer talking about decision making:

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  1. This makes me wonder if we could invent a technology to be a part of us that would be constantly monitoring our 'sweaty palms,' and enhance our ability to decide with our emotional brain? Perhaps in the form of a bracelet or modified glove that has a screen displaying relevant information regarding our emotional state. Information that we could then use in our decision making.