Tuesday, June 2, 2009

So I go to the movies the other day at fairly new theater in town. The design of the place is pretty boring so I wasn't too impressed when I first looked around. However, I went to the bathroom and my whole opinion changed based on one little object: The Airblade Hand dryer from Dyson! While most hand dryers do reduce paper towel waste, they also either have an annoying button to push or some ill-placed sensor to get under that only then blasts hot air all over the room...leaving you to wipe your hands on your shirt or seek out the closest paper towel. Kind of defeats the purpose. The Airblade however completely changes the game of hand dryer technology. With two cross 'blades' of air moving at 400mph this hand dryer completely drys your hands in half the time! It feels cool, and it actually works! I was super impressed. This is the first time I've seen this technology in a public space and I really hope to see more of it. A smart, green solution to an all too annoying problem.

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