Friday, January 8, 2010

Here's an ingenious approach to shipping that could make a huge difference. Its called Cargoshell. Invented by René Giesbers, this device is simply enough a collapsible shipping container. And while simple, Cargoshell, could save the shipping industry huge amounts of time and money. Containers, once they are emptied, must return to shipping yards that are perhaps thousands of miles away, Cargoshell, which collapses to a forth of the size of an ordinary container, enables shippers to move more containers with fewer shipments, saving fuel and time. In addition, Cargoshell increases storing capabilities in congested shipyards, and more space can equal more productivity, which results in even further savings. Cargoshell takes an outdated model for shipping mass amounts of goods, and offers a tool to improve a whole industry. This is what good design is all about.
Take a more in depth look over at gizmag to see all the other ways Cargoshell could change the shipping business for the better.

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