Wednesday, January 13, 2010

We've all been there: Its super cold, you're rocking the space heater, and the dry air is making your skin feel like the bark of a tree! In the past you had only a couple of options: lotion, a glass of water placed precariously on top of a heater, or everyone's favorite, a humidifier. Well, here's a way to get all the benefits of that moist air with out the extra bump in electricity. The Mast Humidifier takes after a yacht sail, absorbing moister from the hull like base. It then releases moisture throughout the room at six times the speed of evaporation. The Mast Humidifier requires no electricity, is carved from Japanese Cypress, and has a sweet lemon scent. This brilliant device is just what you need to stay green and avoid that ashy skin. Go learn Japanese and buy one here!

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