Thursday, March 19, 2009

For all those artists out there...this is such a great idea. Its a pen that allows the user to scan any color in their environment and use it to draw. Technology explained after the jump.
Via red dot
The things around us – whether natural or artificial – display an infinite and diverse range of beautiful colours from which we are able to draw much inspiration. Color Picker is a pen that allows the user to scan and immediately use any colour they see. The user is not only
able to scan colours from objects in the environment, but also from colour chips. Color Picker is convenient and easy to use. The pen is placed against an object and the user presses the colour scan button. The colour sensor detects the colour and displays it on the colour display. The RGB cartridge located within the pen mixes the inks to create the colour scanned. The user is then able to use the colour to draw.

Color Picker aids in the observation of nature’s changing colours. Most people paint the leaves of trees green, despite the fact that they change their colour according to the seasons. With Color Picker, children as well as adults
are able to develop a more acute sensorial and visual perception of the colours of nature that surround them. The user will be able to develop their own palette of of colours, such as “winter apple” or “tree on a gloomy day”.

Designer: Park Jinsun

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